Damaged, sick and diseased, pest-infested, or dying trees are serious hazards to the safety of your family, customers, workers, pets, and property. We remove entire trees effectively at an affordable cost.

Larger trees can be especially intimidating to work with. Don’t take on the risk yourself. Let our team do the work of removal and clean-up. Because tree removal can be a dangerous job, which presents some seriously expensive potential consequences, it’s important to work with the best when looking for tree removal services, that’s where we come in.

Professional Tree Removal

Each of our staff is professionally trained in proper safety, equipment usage, and security to preserve the safety of every person, item, vehicle, and home in the vicinity. It is of the utmost importance that dangerously dead or dying trees be removed rapidly to prevent any costly damages. 

Having a tree completely removed is not something to put off, as the winds and rain of Hawaii can quickly break branches or even blow down entire trees into homes, windows, cars, and power lines. To prevent any sort of threat to the safety of your family or property, call us today. 

Does your land have a lot of ugly stumps cluttering up the space? Are you unsure what do about them, or how to eliminate them without having to dig a hole yourself? We are experts in stump grinding and stump removal, knowing how to best to tackle any stumps, large or small. We will preserve the integrity of the surrounding land, effectively eliminating or grinding the stumps without causing damage to your lots.

Palm trees are one of the most common trees in the islands. Our yard experts have the ability to trim and maintain coconut trees and palm trees up to a maximum of 50 feet, as long is the tree is healthy enough to scale. 

Keep your Hawaii palms and coconut trees lively and vibrant with routine maintenance services from Honolulu Yard and Lawn. Read below to find out how we create a unique schedule for yard and tree maintenance with you!

We work with you to assess and answer all these questions and more before beginning a project, giving you an honest and up-front price for the services we will need to perform to best fit your budget, needs, and timeframe. 

We believe that having a beautiful lawn or lot shouldn’t be considered a luxury. It should be considered a necessity, because it adds value to your property while adding value to your life enjoyment. Let our team work for you, to get your property free and cleared of any and all debris and trash that’s cluttering your view, lowering your property value, and causing you problems.

We offer lot clearing services for commercial and residential properties. If you’re tired of looking at the debris, green waste, and trash accruing in your plot of land, we are the team to call. With us you can rest easy knowing that your land will be cleared safely, effectively, and efficiently, no back brace or sunscreen for you required. 

Lot clearance is not a task for the faint of heart. Commercial and even residential zones can be large, filled with debris, and require some serious physical labor. Don’t break your back, suffer the heat, and damage your skin trying to do it alone—that’s what we’re here for!

Commercial clearing requires heavy lifting, bulky items, a wood chipper, and industrial strength clearing tools to get the job done to its very best. If you run a land development or construction company, you know how important it is to have a cleared plot that is ready for development as soon as possible. We are an efficient team who will commit and meet your deadlines effectively and aggressively without ever compromising safety or the integrity and health of the land.

It’s also not a simple matter of hacking away until there’s nothing left. If you think it only requires some strength and stamina, you’d be partly right. Lot clearing also requires knowledge, which we possess.

We know how to properly remove roots of shrubs, weeds, trees, and grasses so  re-growth will not occur, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of damage due to re-growth, or any extra work on your part.


Whether for safety, commercial development, or recreational purposes, letting our team clear your lot will significantly increase the value of your property, happiness, and peace of mind. No more wishing for more space. No more wishing for more room in your yard or lawn for gatherings, parties, or beautiful landscaping—start today by giving us a call!