Healthy and Happy Coconut Tree​s

Coconut trees are a lovely and common addition to homes across all of Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Kauai, and throughout the tropics. Besides being beautiful, coconut trees have many purposes, too!

​Husks were used for fires, the timber for building, palms for weaving, and of course the coconuts were used for any number of delicious recipes!
Having coconut trees in your yard is a great source of a healthy snack (fresh coconut water beats store-bought every time), shade, and beauty.When Coconuts are Dangerous.Unkempt palms, rotting branches, and unhealthy root systems, however, can lead to home damage. Stray coconuts crack windshields and roofs, and can hurt young children, elderly, and pets.

Here are the top four tips Honolulu Yard and Lawn abides by for coconut tree trimming.

​Proper Palm Pruning Practices

We’re suckers for alliteration, but this short phrase is a great reminder for pruning all palms and trees in general. Pruning palms, like pruning trees calls for several important tips and tricks to keep them healthy and happy!

 1. Routinely Pruned Fronds are Happy Fronds​Weak and dying fronds are bad for tree health, aesthetics and safety. Routine pruning can range from tri-annual to bimonthly, depending on the health of the tree and how frequently you’d like dead fronds cut.
Another important reminder? Don’t prune too close to the palm’s trunk. Some trees have very sturdy bark, while coconut trees have softer bark. Damaged bark makes for vulnerable points in the tree, where pests and disease can more easily enter.2. Be Picky with your Pruning​Does that particular frond absolutely have to be cut? How many palm fronds does the tree produce per year? Never cut more fronds off at a given time than a palm produces in the course of one year.
Overly pruned palms become weakened, more prone to disease and rot. You can tell which fonds require pruning because they will have turned yellow or brown in color. The green fronds are very important for the health of the tree. Plus, if coconut trees are not properly lowered (as you can see Anny has done to the right), then the dropping coconuts can damage the yard and other items in the lawn.
Our coconut tree trimming expert Anny climbs trees without using spikes.During times of drought and cold, the greener fronds actually produce food to help the tree survive! How cool is that?

3. Remove Coconuts if Undesired

Coconuts are delicious, and you won’t ever see us saying no to a freshly cracked coconut on a hot summer day. But we understand that sometimes the upkeep is just not worth it. Removing coconuts when they are small is safer and easier than removing them after they’ve grown to full size.

Our professional trimmers have expensive tools such as aerial lifts and harnesses to stay safe when removing coconut trees and palms. If you have one or several very tall palms, it’s best to leave the coconut tree trimming to our experts! We also have the ability to climb without spikes, which minimizes damage to the tree and protects the health of the trees for much longer.

There are two different options for coconut tree trimming–harvesting or complete removal. If you’re interested in having your coconuts harvested, that will mean 3-4 visits per year. If you want to clear all the seed pods and coconuts, you’re looking at 1-2 visits per year.

4. Call your Local Pruning Professional
As we say at the beach, “If in doubt, don’t go out”. Well, the same goes for palms: “If in doubt, we GOTCHU!” Calling our team is the safest and most effective way to get your cocos taken care of for the long-term.
For trees higher than 30 feet or so, it’s best to call one of our professionals. Our tree expert Anny can help assess the health of the tree and whether it will be safe to scale. If a tree is 45 feet or below and safe to ascend, he’ll take care of it!If a tree is higher or unhealthy, we have another expert with the “big guns” who has experience cutting massive trees over 100 feet tall in previous jobs. Our team of experts guarantees a safe, beautiful, and stunning yard for you and the entire ohana to enjoy. Call us today to learn more!.