Dangerously heavy trees, uneven hedges, and unsightly branches be gone! Our professional trimming services will make your yard look neat, organized, and well-maintained, while improving the growth of your saplings, and protecting your property and loved ones from the potential hazards of overgrown trees.

There are a variety of different trimming techniques we employ to best suit your needs, as well as the needs of your trees and hedges. Did you know that routine trimming not only improves the look of your commercial or residential property, but also drastically improves the health and longevity of your saplings and foliage? In typical wilderness settings, forests and plants are naturally pruned by weather, animals, and other natural forces. In urban settings, however, the usual forces of nature are not readily available to keep brush and plants pruned and maintained, which is why routine maintenance is very important for their health.

We reduce the overall size of any number of species (plumeria, coconut, eucalyptus, etc.) while protecting its shape and growth structure, which simultaneously aids growth while making its shape more manageable and compact for practical needs, such as additional buildings, home additions, or increased lawn space for playing and relaxation.​

No, we don’t spray and scrub down your tree as you would clean floors or dishes in the sink! Cleaning refers to pruning, trimming, and removing dead or dying branches, or areas of trees that may be sick or unhealthy, to improve growth.

​This is also highly important for safety, as dead branches present a health risk, especially during times of high wind or rain. Removing dead branches before they fall will save you tons of money, time, and anxiety, because it will protect 

keiki, pets, cars, homes, and buildings from potential damage caused by falling or breaking branches, substantially minimizing risk and injury possibilities.

We trim the lower growing branches of trees to improve their health, as well as create clearance for cars, buildings, heads, and any other objects that need to travel beneath them. We may also trim along the vertical edges, to train trees to grow upward rather than outward, keeping them from growing into windows, doors, buildings, or homes.

​Thinning isn’t a diet for your trees. This process refers to selective removal of branches to decrease the weight on branches, improve air and sun movement through trees and leaves, and improve the trees’ shape, while maintaining the integrity and strength of the central branches and trunk.

Hedges can be beautiful additions to your commercial or residential property, but become unsightly eyesores when they are not maintained properly and consistently. It’s important to understand when and how to trim different hedges, as certain varieties can be more difficult than others to trim correctly at the correct time in the season.

Also, hedge trimming tools are potentially dangerous, while the cost of some higher quality trimmers can be quite high. Instead of risking your safety, and spending excess money on trimming equipment, let our team of professionals use their safety training and knowledge to take care of your bushes, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

Safety: We will clear areas that require cutting of any hoses, toys, or items that present as tripping hazards. We use the best equipment, which we are highly trained to use.

Evenness: Why would you pay anyone to trim crooked and uneven lines? We have the knowledge, tools, and skill-set required to produce even and regular cuts, done right every time. Evenly cut hedges are not only good for the visual appeal of your home, they also train the trees and hedges to grow properly in the right direction and shape.

Proper Timing: Did you know that cutting hedges in the mid-day sun can negatively impact the growth of shrubbery, thanks to the heat penetrating into freshly cut and vulnerable stems? We make sure to keep them protected by trimming at the correct times—mornings or later afternoons—to protect the health of your branches.

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