Cutting grass is not most people’s idea of a fun activity, unless you’re asking us. No lawn is too large for our team members to work with, from golf courses and sports fields to small home-plots, we have the tools and expertise to mow lawns correctly every time.​

Overgrown grass is a common issue in Hawaii, where grasses love to grow quickly and thickly. Dried out and dying grass is also common, so it’s important that grass is cut correctly, with the proper technique and necessary tools, to ensure healthier grass and happier yards.

There are quite a lot of cutting mistakes you might make without even realizing it, leading to grass that is susceptible to drought, weed infestation, dying, and patchiness.

We make sure to mow at the correct height and during the correct times. We know how to protect grass even when cutting it, making sure our trimming blades are sharp and effective to prevent tall spots and problem areas.

​Did you know that whether your grasses are beneath shade or under direct sunlight influences how high your grasses should be? Or that cutting grass too short can cause major long-term problems for your grass’s health and growth?

Thankfully we do, and that’s why we offer our mowing services—we get the job done right.

Leaving cut grass can effectively fertilize the growing grass, but to best reap the benefits you need a specific type of blade to do so.

​This is yet another tool already in our arsenal, ensuring you don’t have to spend tons of money on your own expensive and dangerous equipment. 

Lawn mowers, grass cutters, blades, and the other tools required for grass-clipping are dangerous if used improperly, take up precious space, and can breakdown, costing you even more money for repairs.​

​Lawn shearing equipment is difficult to transport, expensive to buy, and especially dangerous to have around young keiki and pets. Plus, the equipment can be bulky, heavy, and difficult to work with. Your back will appreciate knowing our team members are taking care of the heavy lifting and mowing for you.

Most individuals have jobs from 9am to 5pm, meaning that free time for clipping falls on weekends, evenings, or early mornings. Early morning and late evening lawn mowing is a noise disturbance to your neighbors, particularly if you’re using a gas-powered lawn mower. The smells can be invasive, and working in the darkness means less visibility to make sure you’re getting every spot evenly cut.​

Weekend choring is then the only option left. But all that noise on the weekend, plus all that hassle on your days off is not ideal for most. Our 9-5 job is mowing your lawns, at the right times, minimizing sound disturbance, and maximizing effectiveness, so let us do the work instead!

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