There’s nothing quite like healthy, beautiful, and vibrantly colored leaves blowing in the wind on a sunny morning. Until those leaves fall, collecting in gutters and driveways, and blowing all around your property. Our raking, blowing, and clearing services will fit whatever clearing needs you have, whether it’s leaves out of a backyard, lawn, or commercial plot.

Blowing is an easy, fast, and simple way to clear leaves from your yard. We offer this service for a variety of garden and yard sizes, as a recurring service, or as a one-time service if you’ve got a party, celebration, or event that requires leaf-blowing. Whatever your needs, we will easily clear your leaves with our equipment, saving you the expense of a blower, and the hassle that comes with it.

​Plus, leaf-blowing can be an annoyance to neighbors and businesses in the surrounding area, so we work with a schedule that best fits a time for you. No more dirty looks from neighbors about the noise (because your only free time is weekends or late nights), and no buying expensive leaf-blowing equipment needed.

Leaf raking is an especially great choice to reduce noise pollution, and for smaller areas where a leaf blower would be too invasive and aggressive.

​If you’re looking for a less noisy option, we also offer raking. Maybe the neighborhood is just too peaceful, or your plot is on the smaller side, better suited to a less aggressive approach-raking is a great option!​

But raking can be tedious and frustrating. The prongs break and bend, there are always stray leaves left behind, and it’s no one’s favorite task. Well, except for us. We love raking and clearing leaves because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a cleared yard, garden, or lawn. Well, we take that back, because a perfectly mowed lawn is definitely tied.

Build-up of leaves can also be dangerous. Clogged gutters and drains can cause damage to your home if draining is not occurring properly. Pests like centipedes love to hide in dead leaves and debris, making green piles hazardous to small children and pets. Lastly, build-up has potential dangers like hidden toys, sharp objects, or any other dangerous items underneath it, making leaf-clearing an absolute must for the safety of your home, children, and pets.