Having a beautiful and well-maintained lawn shouldn’t have to be an extra headache or stress in your life. A well-cared for lawn is such as blessing in Hawaii, where we have a wealth of native plants and stunning foliage available all year-round. That same high-volume growth is wonderful, but can also be a strain to maintain and upkeep. That’s why we offer such a wide range of services to meet the needs of every ohana and home in Oahu, from the Windward to the West Side, ranging from Downtown Honolulu to Central, and every neighborhood and city in between.

 Trees and Hedge Trimming-tree and hedge trimming, clean-up included.Especially in the winter months when Oahu gets plenty of rain, having a tree and hedge trimming service to address those rapid growing palms, hedges, and trees is an absolute must in Hawaii. We work diligently to trim each tree and hedge so it will grow optimally while reducing the space it takes up.
We are well-trained in maintaining the shapes of hedges, and using trimming techniques to train hedges and trees to grow in specific directions to fit your aesthetic needs and desires. 

Tree Removal and Lot Clearing – Tree removal is a big job, but an absolutely necessary one. Dead and dying trees pose serious hazards, especially in Oahu when winds pick up. With houses often quite close together, trees must be removed quickly to prevent emergency removal and serious damage to homes, properties, people, and vehicles. Just as removing trees is important for safety, a cleared lot is necessary before development, construction, or landscaping can occur. Our team uses industrial wood chippers, high quality trash bags, gloves, and always have work boots and long sleeves to ensure the safety and effectiveness of every worker. We haul out all everything in lots so they are ready-to develop and completely safe, with no additional labor for removal on your part.​

Green waste is bulky and inconvenient, we offer this as a stand-alone service or as a complementary service combined with any of our other service provisions. If not removed quickly and completely, green waste can rot, producing mold and providing homes for creatures like centipedes and other bugs. Keep your personal vehicles scratch-free and shining by letting us load all the green waste into our work trucks, giving you peace of mind and land free of green waste.

Leaf blowing equipment is expensive and bulky to store in your own garage. We make it simple by blowing away and raking leaves for you during work hours, so as to disturb as few of your neighbors as possible. You’ll never have to worry that leaves will be left un-cleared, or that we’ll be troublesome to your neighbors or other businesses in the surrounding area. We are courteous, efficient, and diligent in removing all leaves from your yards, lawns, decks, patios, driveways, and walking paths.

If you’ve got ugly patches of dirt in your backyard, we offer sod installation to cover up those spots. Or, if there’s an entire clearing of dirt that needs some green to bring it to life, we can plant brand new grass as well. Depending on your individual needs, turf can also be a great option as it is lower maintenance. Yet nothing quite beats the luxury and beauty of healthy, free-growing new grass. Both sod and new grass require care and upkeep to keep growing health and vibrantly. To save you money, we can show you how best to maintain your new grass, or return to your home frequently to treat the sod or grass with fertilizers and provide upkeep for the grass to keep it growing healthy and vibrant.
Especially in the beginning, new grass and sod can be sensitive, requiring delicacy and repeated trimming to grow their very best and provide a complete cover without dead spots or patches. Having us come in once a week for several months to rake, trim, water, and fertilize your grass will ensure you’ve got a lawn that is the envy of all your friends, family, and neighbors in no time.

Hawaii is notorious for its wide range of climbing plants, vines, invasive weeds, and proliferation of garden insects and pesky critters. Did you know that many species of weeds are also homes for invasive pests and critters? They’ll destroy your beautiful crops and fruit trees, decimate newly planted, less robust plants, and overrun new grass.
Keep them at bay with our pruning and weeding services. If you’re concerned about pesticides, we offer manual removal as well as chemical removal, or we can use less aggressive pesticide options if you’re concerned about pets, children, elderly people, or neighbors being affected. Routine weeding will keep everything growing healthfully and beautifully, whether its manually or chemically performed: the choice is yours!

  • Lawn Mowing– a well cut lawn means more room to play, relax, and celebrate.

There’s nothing quite like a freshly mowed lawn. The smell of newly cut grass, the smooth, even lines of a properly mowed yard, and the invigorating boost of nutrition your grass will get from the trimmings fertilizing the new shoots growing below them are just a few of the reasons to have our lawn mowers come in to tackle any job, large or small.
It’s particularly important to have evenly mowed lawns for commercial sports areas, commercial properties, and even lawns to have the best parties, celebrations, sports events, and gatherings on even lawns that are trip-hazard, weed, and debris free.

  • Coconut Tree Trimming– coconut trees are a staple in Hawaii homes. Dangerously overloaded branches, dying fronds, and very high trees can present some anxiety and danger!

Our team has the expertise to trim, prune, and service healthy and unhealthy coconut trees and palms over 100 feet! The lifeguards say, “If in doubt, don’t go out,” and we say, “If in doubt, we’ve got you covered!”

Each service we provide is done with the utmost care for your home or commercial property. 

For us, it’s all about customer happiness and satisfaction, whether you are a home-owner, self-employer, gardening enthusiast, or overworked professional looking to improve your commercial zone, we have an option available for you. No plot is too small or large for our assistance, either. We have experience with commercial lawns, home gardens, designer shrubbery, trimming, and so much more.​

It’s so important to choose the right team for your budgeting and time needs, and we make sure to communicate with you and create a plan that works best. We are honored you’ve come here to learn more about what we can do for you and your service needs.

As a local business based in O‘ahu we can meet you where you are, when it’s convenient for you, in any part of the island, from North Shore to Hawai‘i Kai, from Downtown Honolulu to Kailua, from Makaha to Central Oahu​.

In fact, we serve all locations listed below:

Aiea, Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Haleiwa, Kahala, Hauula, Kaaawa, Kahuku, Kailua, Kaneohe,
Kunia, Laie, Kapalama, Pearl City, Wahiawa, Mililani, Nanakuli, Waialua, Waianae, Waimanalo, Makiki, Makakilo,
Waipahu, Waipio, Waikele, Honolulu, Waikiki, and Waianae.

Our team of professionals are up for any job, big or small, and offer a variety of options.

While other businesses might not sweat the small stuff, our attention to detail is 100% from start to finish, whether it’s a smooth lawn, cleared lot​, leaf blowing or complete tree removal.

If you asked us to describe our business in five words, we would say:

We possess many years of experience with a variety of expertise to meet your unique needs. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and courteousness, because we believe the foundation of customer care is a productive and goal-oriented relationship with every client.

We understand the value of aloha, and will treat you as our family. There are plenty of big corporations out there who don’t treat clients with kindness, who only want to make money and do not value building trust and responsibility. We are not one of them.

We believe maintaining and servicing lawns and gardens should be affordable, offering the best prices for your goals. We believe that prices should always be fair, for our clients and for us, and we believe quality work should be available to everyone.

Why take longer than is absolutely necessary to get the job done? We believe in getting the job done right, every time. Efficiency is our strength, and we don’t believe in taking more time than is necessary to provide you with quality service.

We know you already work hard enough. Let us work hard to help you reach your goals.

Have you heard the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side”? Well, we believe the grass can be greener, right in your very own backyard. Why keep wishing you had the garden or lawn of your dreams? Stop looking down the road, feeling stressed and unmotivated to get around to that yard-work you’ve been putting off for so long.

​It’s time to make your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers the happiest, healthiest, most organized, and greenest they’ve ever been, with our help.

Make your life less stressful with our expertise, customer care, timely work, and guaranteed satisfaction promise. We know you are trusting us with an important part of your home or business’s design, look, and appearance, and we would be honored to serve you.

Can’t wait to simplify your life? Ready to clear that tree? To get those hedges straight and beautiful? Ready to make your garden as stunning as you’ve been dreaming about? Then don’t wait any longer, let’s make your yard beautiful.

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